A little about us.
We’ve been loving God and people since 1981.

It all started in the living room of an old beach house, when life long friends decided to make certain what had been a heartbeat and a call to bring hope and life to the borough of Currumbin and her surrounding communities.

Founding Pastors Eric and Chris Harrison, along with a group of truly great friends, and four kids in tow, began with little more than a room to gather and a message of hope. As years passed, the Gospel was shared and our church family grew. From home to hall, to a piece of land and a wild dream. Not a building, but an emblematic lighthouse, a place that would bring hope and life becoming the effervescent, thriving community it is today. As a new generation takes hold, it stands strong on the foundations laid by the many years of people giving, serving, loving, and doing life together. Their history has become our heritage.

At C3 Currumbin we are Christ centered, outward focussed, servant hearted, disciple making and prayer empowered. These are our values, our DNA. We raise our children and our leaders this way. Our ministries, initiatives and teaching are all centered around these five fundamental pillars.

A little about our Lead Pastors, Dan and Hannah.

After 35 years of pastoring, Eric and Chris handed over the lead pastor mantle to Dan and Hannah Gorry. Dan is as homegrown as they get, growing up in C3 Currumbin and eventually taking on leadership roles, becoming Youth and Young Adult Pastor, then Executive Pastor, and in November 2015 Dan and Hannah responded to the same heartbeat and call that beckoned a generation before them, and became the Lead Pastors or C3 Currumbin.

They are so in love with Jesus, so driven to share His message, and so devoted to seeing people discover God’s love, and you see that when you meet them.

A little about C3, A global movement of local churches.

C3 Currumbin belongs to a international family of churches. Starting in Sydney in 1980 with Pastors Phil and Chris Pringle pioneering the first C3 Church. Now there are over 500 C3 Churches in 64 countries!

The heart of C3 is local churches reaching local communities and seeing people won to Jesus, making disciples and building God’s church. C3 is all about relationships and connection. We believe that pastors, leaders and churches are healthiest and strongest when connected together!

A little about what we believe, the Good News!

In essence, the Good News is that God loves you! You might not currently see or believe it, but everything in scripture, and everything in creation screams this wondrous truth. And you will never appreciate this good news until you fully comprehend the bad news.

We believe God created mankind to be in relationship with Him. Things were going well until, through Adam and Eve, sin entered the world. This sin completely destroyed our perfect relationship with God. So God did the unthinkable; He laid aside His crown in heaven to clothe Himself in servant-clothes on earth. Jesus lived the perfect life we could not, died the death we deserved (because of the sin in us), rose again victorious, and now gives a fresh start and eternal life to anyone that would, through faith in Jesus, joyfully receive His salvation!

Now we live our life on earth filled with God’s Spirit, confident we are children of God, getting to live everyday with Him, growing in our understanding of Him, and eagerly waiting to be with Him forever. This is the Good News of salvation through Jesus!